How shipping works at ez click?

  • EZ Click mainly delivers your orders through the company's own fleet but may get help from a third party at peak times to ensure the timely shipping of your order.
  • We allow you to choose the most convenient time for your delivery, on any day, or during any week or even month.
  • You can subscribe to get your orders delivered for the selected products on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly).
  • Orders should be requested at least four hours ahead of time for same-day delivery, bearing in mind the cut-off time of 6:00PM and working hours of EZ Click. Some goods may need more time for processing, with delivery taking a day or several days, depending on the nature of the item.
  • In the case of urgent orders, please contact our customer service and we will do our best to help you.
  • We will ask for your signature on a copy of the invoice to confirm receipt of the goods. We will deliver the order to the registered address and we consider the signature of anyone at the address as a receipt of the order.
  • If there is no-one at the registered address to receive your order, we will ask you to contact our customer service to agree another delivery time. The company is not able to attempt delivery more than twice. The company is not responsible for any order exceeding 15 days of the first delivery attempt.
  • The delivery charge is SAR 12.00 per order to (Saihat, Qatif and Dammam). The shipping to the rest of the kingdom cities is through Aramex and cost SAR 30.00.
  • There are products i.e. flowers, that can't be shipped but only delivered to the 3 cities mentioned above.